War scenes of Ukraine you don’t see in the Newspaper

Russian tank overrolling civilian car in ukraine
This blog post contains sensitive content. Viewers might feel shocked, stressed, and frightened. It is intended to make the viewer sensitive to what is really happening in Ukraine, so they might start to change something about it. It could be themselves or their family tomorrow.

If you are from Ukraine or from Russia, or you know Russians who still don’t know what Putin does in Ukraine, share this article with anyone who should know the truth.

What the newspaper show is just officially approved content, no blood, and no dead people. What they don’t show is how the Ukrainian citizen suffer from bombardments by the Russian forces, especially the news in Russia.

Innocent people die everyday and it doesn’t look like there is an end to it soon. 

33 civilians were killed in Chernihiv

This is the footage of a Ukrainian citizen directly after the incident. People who needed to go out to get food or medicine were hit by a bombshell into a residential building in Chernihiv so powerful, destroying everything around. 

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It’s traumatizing. Not to comprehend. How can a human decide to do so horrible things? Throughout history, there have always been wars and unacceptable terror happening like these scenes and maybe even worse.

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Ordinary people who sit at home must witness the bombarding of their houses, everyday, while not knowing if or when they are next.

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You can hear people scream, being scared. And just a few seconds ago, everything seemed to be normal.

Imagine this would be you, your new reality

Many people forget what it means to feel empathy. To be empathetic to your counterpart. I hear words like „It doesn’t affect me, so I don’t care.” much too often. This is the wrong approach.

The digital world destroys this valuable part of our human being, the one thing that makes us human. The thing that evolution brought to our genes because it knew, it is important. Only with it, can we be nice to each other, help each other and understand the problem. 

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If you feel like you don’t know what I’m talking about or, you have the feeling you lost your empathy – Get it back! You can actively think about the videos I showcase here, the pain and the horror those people go through, and imagine it REAL, to gain back the feeling of empathy.

Russian soldiers being killed while not knowing their real mission

In several videos, Russian captive soldiers explain that they are being told to release the Ukrainian people from their regime. That they would be welcome to Ukraine and that Zelenskiy already signed papers of surrendering. But the opposite is the case.

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Ukraine knows what Russia’s goal is: to get back as much land of Ukraine as possible, to overthrow the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy,  and to install Russian governmental forces again. According to Military officials from USA and Germany, Russia aimed to be done with this “Mission” within 1-3 days.

Play Video about russian soldiers burned to death after heavy fight with tanks

Today 13.03.2022, the Russian forces are near Kyiv moving in from the North with the help of the Belarusian Military forces of Alexander Lukashenko.

Russian forces brutal actions against ordinary Ukrainian citizen

On 28.02.2022 near Kyiv, there was an incident of two people being killed by a Russian tank. The tank approached the vehicle fast and started shooting heavy bullets immediately. It was not an accident, as eyewitnesses filmed how the tank shoots another bullet on purpose.

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The aftermath is traumatizing. Who gave the soldiers this order? 

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This is not the only event happening around Ukraine. No one is safe anywhere now. Ukrainian citizens should be taking this seriously when leaving their homes and be prepared for anything.

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It feels like Russia does genocide to the Ukrainian people. In their propaganda news, Russia shows a story of Ukraine being the country to kill Russian people who live there, calling Ukraine a Nazi regime and genocide crime country, making it the reason to invade Ukraine.

Russia bombing Kyiv's TV tower to destroy information flow to Ukrainians, several people died

The mission: destroy Ukraines TV tower to disrupt information flow and to install a Russian propaganda information program. Several people died from the thermobaric bombs.

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Official reports say that Russia is trying to pursue Ukrainians through TV reports that President Zelenskjy is corrupt and a Nazi. 

The consequences of bombing a residential area in Sumy, 18 civilians killed

According to liveuamap.com, Sumy in Ukraine is surrounded by Russian forces making Sumy an easy target for bombing.

Ordinary people who had no chance to escape are being recovered in the debris. The city Sumy is under attack of the Russian forces for a long while already.

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The Fireman recovered 18 people who died after the building collapsed.

The fact that the Ukraine-Russian war is ongoing since 2014

What many people don’t know is that the war began in February 2014 following the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, and initially focused on the status of Crimea and parts of the Donbas, internationally recognized as part of Ukraine. The first eight years of the conflict included the Russian annexation of Crimea (2014) and the war in Donbas (2014–present) between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists, as well as naval incidentscyberwarfare, and political tensions. Following a Russian military build-up on the Russia–Ukraine border from late 2021, the conflict expanded significantly when Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

Don't just look away and don't be silent

With all this information, don’t just look away and continue your normal life. Don’t be silent and let the evil win. Do something about it.

The best you can do is to spread the word to people that don’t know what is going on. Share this article with Russians, who don’t have access to independent news sources.

Stay informed - Up to date verified News sources

There are several sources you can head to, to get information from the locals of Ukraine. 

Up to date information from events happening in Ukraine are to be found here: 

Telegram Channel

Ukraine NOW[English] – Verified Ukraine source with news about the current situation

Ukraine NOW[Ukrainian] – Verified Ukraine source with news about the current situation


Volodymyr Zelenskiy – official Twitter account

NEXTA Media – Eastern Europe News – To let the world know

Ukrainian Armed Forces – official Twitter account

Defence of Ukraine – official Twitter account

Thank you for reading and considering supporting Ukrainian citizens. 

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