Sometimes there has to be a change

noelpixels cover image for blog post sometimes there needs to be a change
In recent months I thought a lot about who I am and who I want to be. Our world is constantly changing and so are we.

I see so much that is going wrong on our planet, so much pain, so many tears, and so many lies. A world that turns into evil, humans that don’t know anymore who they really are. Our digital world is one key factor that changes us. Sometimes to the better but mostly to the worse.

Next to my photo art, I developed another mindset of wanting to tell the world the truth. I want to dig deep and I don’t want to be silent because I don’t want the world to turn into something the collective (we humans) don’t want it to look like.

Only a few people really see what is going on behind the scenes. Because we simply trust everything and anything that the modern world showcases us like the media, the social networks, the news, and our governments.

It affects our opinion and what we think.

Due to the reason that this mindset doesn’t fully comply with the photography part and creating products around it, I decided to split my profession into several parts. 

The plan

Photography stays important to me. That’s why I founded Substripe – Presets & Tools where it is all-around photography. Substripe focuses on high-quality products for enthusiast photographers who want to take their images to the next level.

The other part is my personal brand, noelpixels as Noel Illinger. I renamed my personal appearance from no3lillinger into noelpixels. A Name that combines my first name and an easy-to-remember second part that relates to photography and my future vision of writing blog posts about the truth.

Putting together the pixels of our world, was only one idea I had apart from many others, for my naming.

With noelpixels I want to combine my personal picture art with my blog posts. My vision is to create image compositions that relate to the current topic I research. Pictures that tell a story and invite the viewer to think and dig deeper. Because only together can we change something.

Newly designed website for my new vision

On my newly designed website, I focused on the important stuff in a minimalistic way.

  • Now you find my bio where I finally tell a little bit about my history in photography and the projects I’m running.
  • My new blog post section where I finally put out my thoughts and research of the recent years. Stuff that some people would call conspiracy theories. There is proof behind it and people start to understand how our world really works. Whistleblowers come upfront to tell humanity that things are not working right and we need to be aware.

    There is a lot of interesting stuff coming, so please stay tuned.
  • My free wallpaper section where I upload the most recent images that I share on Instagram for you to use as your smartphone wallpaper.
  • Links to my other projects as well as a listing of my photography gear.

Be a part of the story

Comment your thoughts under my blog posts. I’d love to engage with you and your ideas. It is important that we do this thing together, and it doesn’t matter if we know us or not.

In the end, we are a big family but we just don’t see it because we are getting told that we are different.

Don’t just look away, don’t be silent, and dig deep.

Talk to you in the next one!

Cheers, Noel

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